Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Frame Gallery Wall: Inspiration and Art

As of now, this is what I am workin' with in my entryway.  Some quick and almost free DIY clothes pin frame art and my handy dandy console table.  This was all fine and dandy, but I wanted more.  Ohh soo much more.  And by more I mean a crisp white frame art gallery wall.  Ohhh I had wanted it for so long and the day is finally here where all the pieces come together to make my dream possible.   
Lets start at the beginning.  Almost all my projects start with research drooling over pintrest pictures.  Pictures like this with nice white matching frames with pops of color throughout the wall. 
bathroom gallery.
And pictures like this one with wonderful white frames with simplistic art.  What a big impact a plain R can have.  I am guessing this would be pretty easy to pull off with watercolors or even printed on plain paper.

white frames on white wall
Ohhhh and this one too where the colors of the art are more monochromatic and streamlined. 
And last but not least is this classic inspiration from Young House Love.
What I LOVE about each inspiration photo is that  nothing about the placement is perfect.  Some are more symmetrical than others but each looks haphazard.  I think I am naturally drawn to the gallery walls with the art that is colorful and pops against the neutral frames and walls.  Most of my inspiration pictures have light gray or white walls as to blend in with the frames.  I am sticking with the brown of my regular walls so there will be more contrast between the white frames and my wall.  As for art, of course I have been gathering art for ages and doing a little DIY on the side.  As for art you can read about my stone arch adventures here

My first round of Etsy art prints here:

My second round of Etsy art prints here.  Most of the Etsy vendors sent a thank you with their print which was awesome.  One such thank you (not shown) had a beautiful array of little fish on the back postcard style.  It was so pretty it compelled me to use it as a piece of art too!

I am also using lots of home made DIY art and found art here:
Other things I am going to put in the mix for the gallery wall are photographs and my manly DIY mustache art.  You gotta balance out the girly with some testosterone.  I mean what is more manly than facial hair?
And of course the manly antler graphic I created here:

Photographs included ones taken from our Michigan trip and on Lake Vermillion like this one.
Then of course I had to include our beautiful Michigan art.
And last but not least I included this FREE downloadable print from Eighteen 25.  Let me go off on a quick tangent about how much I LOVE this webpage.  This art is not only adorable but you can download it in many color combinations.  But wait, there is more.  They also have free prints for holidays, summer, dance, etc.  In short I never thought I could get these prints for FREE without having to design them myself.  I am in total awe so a thank you shout out to Eighteen 25!
Some things I learned when gathering art is that to make a wall of the magnitude I wanted, there needed to be a lot of frames.  I had 31 of them to be exact.  If you don't keep your budget low for all your pictures it can add up to hundreds for the art and that is not even including all the frames you need to buy.  I used a mix of purchased art from art festivals and Etsy, photographs I had taken (which only take cents to print), found items such as greeting cards, and free printable art.  Other ideas are that you could frame simple craft paper or left over fabric scraps, other found items such as a bottle cap, button, or simple map.  Check back in because I will have all the steps to putting up my gallery wall! 

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