Your Guide to Vintage & Thrift 

If you are new to antique and thrift stores you have to read my guide to shopping vintage and thrift.  It will tell you how antique stores, auctions, thrift stores, and rummage sales differ and which way of shopping will best fit your need.  You can also find tips on how to navigate each type of store and get the best finds and deals! I will also be posting all my vintage and thrift finds so hopefully they will inspire you to go on your own shopping adventures.  Be sure to read the story of how I got into antique and thrift stores below!

How I got into buying vintage and thrift:
Buying thrift and vintage items is in my blood.  My father has a love of all things antique and collectible so almost all my time spent visiting him consists of us going to rummage sales and antique stores and most recently we added auctions into the mix of things.  It started out when I was 10ish and was just along for the ride and fascinated by looking at old “junk”.  When these types of things are what your father lives for you better be on board if you ever want to see him!  So we have learned to bond over vintage coco cola products, antique toys, and Hummel figurines.  Over the past couple of years I have developed a passion for vintage and antique finds.  Now, I can’t wait to explore different and new stores with my dad snagging some unique pieces for my home while bonding up a storm! 

Thrift stores are also in my blood, but this time it comes from my mom, who has dragged me to every thrift store in a 10 mile radius of wherever we happened to be my whole entire childhood.  I swear she has a sixth sense and can smell these things.  It used to be a source of embarrassment to go into a shop with used things.  Why would anyone buy something that had once been used by someone else? (see the answer to that question here)  It smelled, there were ugly sweaters, and the people were weird.  Since she had control of driving the car I was forced to join her on her journeys.  It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I realized the value in thrift stores and how you can re-purpose items to customize them and the outcome is unique accessories for dirt cheap!  Who can argue with that?