Friday, November 2, 2012

Vintage Knockers: The Black Stallion

This is the mantel on the fireplace as it stands today.  Notice anything different?

Lets take a little time travel back to the past before those walls were painted white.  Yes I definitely don't want to go back to those days.  This mantel was a little more cluttered than it is today.  7 items compared to 5.  There were a couple of pictures and some more "stuff".  

Then I went to this mantle with less "stuff" at 4.  Some simplicity but not a lot of pop or jazz.  What you see is just the white of the picture and the glass of the vase and jar is opaque and doesn't add any pops. 

Enter the Black Stallion.  This is a vintage door knocker in the form of a horse.  Oh hells ya!  I got this as a thank you gift from my lovely SIL Lindsey for helping with the Truck Themed Birthday for her son.  I will help with birthdays any time for FREE but this little gem sweetened the pot.

The black from the Stallion coordinates with the black from the art.  The lantern adds some boldness and interest along with my cork collection and simple star fish.  There is so much still to do in the living room like getting a new mantle, more art for the walls, curtains, a couch....I could go on.  But right now sometimes it is just the little updates that make me smile!

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