Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mustache Art

It is no secret that my husband is growing a beard akin to Paul Bunyan or Abraham Lincoln.  It’s pretty sad that when we sent out our Christmas card my husband's friends immediately telephone tagged each other to discuss how unruly his beard his become.  So for Valentine’s Day I choose to craft up the hubby a little DIY art in honor of his facial hair. 

I choose to do a mustache only as opposed to a beard because let’s face it, it was more aesthetically pleasing.  I created the outline of the mustache in adobe indesign because I couldn’t find a good mustache dingbat.  One of my complaints as the hubby grew out the old beard was that his mustache ticked…..hence the cute saying underneath! And there you  have it, completely adorable….um I mean rugged and manly…..DIY mustache art!

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