Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hanging Crane Mobile Tutorial

For Christmas which is yes, a long time ago, I crafted up a hanging paper crane mobile for my nephew.  I mean he has to look at something when he is having his diaper changed. 

For this project you need:
  • 1 hoop – mine had a 42 inch circumference and I picked it up at a thrift store  
  • 10 origami sheets 
  •  String or thread
  • 1 washer....like from the garage
  • A needle and scissors 

I found my origami paper at Michaels and fell in love with this pattern.    

I then origamied the $hit out of 10 paper cranes.  Let me tell you, the first few didn’t look pretty so I would suggest practicing before you use your first official sheet….a lot.      

I marked out 10 evenly spaced spots where my cranes would go on my hoop.

Then measure out the length of string you need.  The amount you want the cranes to hang down will depend on your ceiling height and how far you want them to hang down from the hoop.  I suggest a lot of measuring.  You also want to leave some room at the top for attaching to the washer to hang your mobile from.  Once you decide how long your string should be and how long you want your longest bird to hang down measure and cut 10 lengths of string.  The thread your needle and only tie one end in a knot.  Poke the needle in the bottom of the crane so the top of the string is now through the crane’s back.   

I decided to have two different lengths of cranes, alternating every other crane.  Make sure that you find out what heights work for your mobile and cut accordingly so every other crane is at a different height.     

Next, attach the cranes to the mobile.  I found it easiest to do over my stool.  It helped me see if any of the cranes were crooked, which some were.  It gave me an opportunity to fix it before I put it all together.       

Gather up all of your top strings and thread them through the washer.  Tie at the desired height and…..hang it up!       

I love this project for a nursery, or every day life.  I am thinking of crafting one up for around the house!  Variations on this project include using maps for the crane material, or creating a “swirly” pattern out of the cranes rather than alternating.         

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