Tour Our Home

I decided I better get my home tour page up so I can start showing some of the progress I have made in attempting to make my house into a home.  So far it's not much and the pics are kind of shady so I ask for your patience while I am updating all of the photos. So without further ado c'mon in and take the tour of our little piece of paradise:

This is the view you get when you enter the house.  I assure you it is more impressive in person and maybe you will see that when my photography skills improve.  The living room is to the right hand side and you can see straight into the dining room.  The wood floors are original and I am giddy with joy at all the character they bring to the house. 

This is the view of the upstairs living room on moving day. 

We have since added furniture and accessorized, and added a new coat of paintThis room is progress, but nowhere near finished.  Besides the chairs we bought nothing new for the room and we are excited with how it looks with a splash of our personality.

If you continue walking forward on the first floor you hit the dining room.  I absolutely fell in love with the corner shelf that I suspect is original to the house.  It is so beautiful and adds just the right amount of charm.   

This is the view you get from the hallway into the kitchen and dining room.

This is our kitchen.  I like how it flows into the dining room and has more space than our galley kitchen in our rental.  I also enjoy all the natural light that comes into the house via the many windows!  I am so excited to start cooking with our gas stove, but anticipate that I will burn a ton of stuff before I get the hang of it.

This is the kitchen what the kitchen looks like currently painting, building, arranging, etc. Check HERE for a post that reveals it all!

Here is the bedroom we will call our own initially on the main floor, which also has wood floors and lots of natural light.

The other bedroom on the main floor we will use for a guest bedroom, where we happened stashed all our stuff so we could have the rest of the house clutter free for the photo shoot!  Notice the overwhelming boldness of the orange...

And rounding out the main floor is the bathroom that includes the sunken in medicine cabinet and 3 towel bars.  Interesting.

If you head upstairs you get this little beauty that right now is going to become my craft-a-palloza room, but eventually will turn into our master bedroom.  We initially wanted it to be our master and had moved all our bedroom furniture up into this little oasis, only to find that the box spring did not fit.  After some shoving, breaking out the math (that I left to the others because math is not my thing), and letting out a few swears we decided it just was not possible.  Then we moved all the furniture down the stairs again.

Then if you head downstairs you go into the walk out basement with yet another interesting corner shelf.  There is also a bar with a refrigerator (both red) for our entertaining needs.  Just looking at that and realizing there is a section in our house dedicated to alcohol (and throw in my hutch filled with my wine glass collection) I start to feel like an alcoholic.  But there is no need to stage an intervention – I assure you I’m not. 

Then you get this rectangle L-shaped room on the other side of the basement that is equipped with a walk in closet.  And behind curtain number one there is…..water pipes – yay! Also the color is Salmon, another yay!  I will have to get creative to find a solution to some of the eccentricity of the house. 

Lastly, there is another full bathroom downstairs and a big laundry room that is begging for a renovation that will make it a classified laundry heaven, which I forgot to snap a picture of.

And that rounds out the tour of our new place! I will be updating pictures of each room to reflect the progress we have (hopefully) made so keep checking back in for more pics!

Tour the outside of our home here!