Monday, August 1, 2011

Outside House Tour

I figured it was about time to give you a tour of the outside of our house before the leaves start to turn and the snow starts to fall.  This is the outside of our house with the attached small porch deck and the larger deck to the side.  

This is what the house looks like from the street...

and if your ready to climb up on the porch and knock on the door. 

Going to the left of the house you will see the lovely landscaped garden the previous owners created.  I was so surprised and excited when I found out I had hydrangeas.  They are my favorite fresh flower to cut and put in vases all over the house!

In the left side yard there is also a great manicured flower garden which took absolutely no work on my part!

Continuing on to the left side of the house you see...surprise! It's a sunken in patio!

This is the patio view from within. 

This is a long view of the side yard.....

 which obviously continues into the back yard!

The previous owners left us this little bench and fire pit, which we moved into the back left corner of the lot for added privacy.  We love to have fires and roast marshmallows after a long day of playing yard games so we were ecstatic when we found out that these little beauties were ours. 

 Here are some views of the back of the house, complete with the stairway that leads up to the storage room above the garage.  The room above the garage was an excellent bonus for added storage!

This is the deck that leads from the garden all the way across the back of the garage and onto the main deck.  We envision that this will be a great place to put our bistro set we now use as our main patio set when we upgrade.

This is the outdoor area we spend the most time in, the main deck.  We absolutely love to grill and enjoy time eating and sitting out here!  The door enters into the kitchen which is perfect for preparing meals outdoors. 

Lastly, this is the view of the whole house, including the garage.  My hubby would be remiss if his beautiful garage didn't make this post. Let's just say he got the garage he wanted and it happened to be attached to the prefect house! Lucky us!


  1. Thanks Jodi! We are trying to enjoy it with what little summer we have left!


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