Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Shower Gift: DIY Peepee Teepee

I thought I would finish out the baby shower series with a fun and inexpensive baby shower gift: The Peepee Teepee.  This is a flannel teepee shaped object that you put on the baby’s, um, peepee to prevent him from peeing on your.  Genius right?  I first encountered this little miracle while browsing in a gift shop on vacation and have been ecstatic for someone, somewhere, to have a baby boy.  I was originally going to buy these little gems, but after some thought and a can-do attitude I decided to craft some up.

I started by picking out a manly pattern in flannel for my peepee teepees.  I bought a yard, but that was wayyy too much (for 6 peepee teepees and 1 carrying bag) so a ½ yard or less would probably do you just fine!   Depending on your fabric choice that means that this present would come in under $3 - $4!

Next, cut out a circle with a diameter of 6 inches.  I happened to have some left over pattern fabric so I whipped up a pattern from that.

Pin your pattern to your fabric and cut out the desired amount of circles.  Make sure you wash your fabric before cutting to prevent any shrinkage and distortion in your teepees after they are sewn together.  Also iron your fabric to make it flat enough to cut out the perfect circle.

Fold your circle in half (pattern side facing together) and iron it to create a crease.  Then, pin together the sides of the fabric. 

Sew around the edge of the half circle with a ¼ diameter seam, leaving 1 – ½ inch opening at one end.  The opening is to turn the circle right side out.

Turn your teepee inside out and tuck the opening fabric into the inside of your  half circle ¼ inch, pin together, and iron.

Around the curved part of your circle, sew another ¼ inch seam to seal the opening.

Next, pin the straight edges of your half circle together and sew a ¼ inch hem along the straight edge.

Turn your teepee inside out, and you have your finished Peepee Teepee.

From the extra fabric I made a drawstring baby for the new mommy and daddy to keep their Peepee Teepees.  I used an army print that went with the army truck theme to print out a label for the Peepee Teepee bag on white muslin fabric (which you can find at any fabric store), to make a truly customized baby shower gift!

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