Monday, July 25, 2011

Alphabet Baby Shower: Last Minute Projects and The Big Day

Firstly, I want to apologize for the terrible pictures. I am deeply ashamed.  However, we were in a church basement with, gasp, wooden paneling!  So that may have upped the ick factor in my pictures, as I hope they would have turned out better with an amazing background.  Lesson 1 learned: background and location are everything, but tell that to a town with one place to hold a baby shower with over 30 guests. 

Moving on, here are some pictures from the day of all the projects I had been working on throughout the last several weeks.  The main centerpieces were from this tutorial.  I also last minute threw together some plain tin cans topped with Martha Stewart style puff balls and a slender ribbon. 

The cupcake desserts and toppers from this tutorial were incorporated into the tablescape to add interest.  An added bonus was that guests could eat dessert at their leisure.

A sign was created to welcome guests to the baby shower.  The lettering on the bottom cued guests into the first game, where birthday cards were created and numbered from 1 to 20.  Each guest had to write the new baby a birthday message for the age that corresponded to the number on the card.  For example, someone with a 16 card would write the baby a 16th birthday message about getting their license, maybe having their first girlfriend, etc.  The cards would then be opened every year on the baby's birthday for that year.

Here is the wide view of the baby shower.  I hung Martha Stewart Style puff balls from the ceiling hoping that people would look at those rather than the wooden paneling.  I don’t know if it worked, but the important thing was that everyone had a great time!

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