Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Alphabet Baby Shower: DIY Cupcake Toppers

To keep up with the flow of the alphabet baby shower (with primary colors + green) series I will take you through the process of making 60+ cupcake toppers. 

Materials you need for this project:

·        2 sheets of white or cream cardstock
·        2 sheets colored scrapbook paper
·        1 inch circle punch
·        Martha Stewart “Rose Window” punch
·        Scissors
·        60 Toothpicks
·        1 roll Double Sided Tape
·        Hot glue gun

I first designed my 1 inch circle graphic.  Going with my alphabet theme I chose to have 8 different letters with sayings such as “B is for baby” and “C is for crib” in blue with a yellow circle around the graphic to create a polished look.  I choose two different font types for the graphic to give it added interest.  48 circles fit onto one sheet which meant I had more circles than I needed at 96.  That means that with just a little bit of paper you can make LOTS of cupcake toppers! 

I then cut out all the circles with my 1 inch punch and cut out 60 boarders with my Rose Window punch.  I then, making sure they were centered, attached the circle to the rose punch with double sided tape. 

Next, I cut the tips off of 60 toothpicks (just one side) to make sure the edge that was visible would be nice and straight, and so it wouldn’t look so much like a toothpick.  Was I fooling anyone? I don't know! This is a step you can completely skip if you don’t have the time or energy.  I found that when I cut the tips off they went flying all over the room, so I would suggest cutting them inside a small sandwich bag to keep them contained. 

Lastly, I adhered the flat end of the toothpick to the back of the topper with a glue gun.  And voila, you have 60 cupcake toppers for a dirt cheap price to add the decorative touch to your cupcakes!  The great thing about these is you can customize them any way you want by what you put in your 1 inch circle and the paper colors you choose! 

Budget Breakdown for 60+ Cupcake Toppers:

·        Paper $1.66
·        Toothpicks $1.00
·        Tape/Glue $2.50

Grand total: $5.16

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