Friday, August 12, 2011

DIY Message/Organization Center Reveal

After showing how to create a magnetic chalkboard without magnet paint and a simple picture frame cork board….it’s time to reveal how all the completed projects look put together! If you remember when looking at my blank wall outline of the project there were three rectangles…but only two projects.  That’s because I bought an awesome magazine rack from Ikea that will serve as a mail sorter.  When all the elements were sitting on the floor I had an “I don’t know about this" moment.

But, when we put all the pieces up, using the tape squares as the guide it was a pleasant surprise. 

All the elements of the message center seem to work together, without being totally matchey-matchey.  This gives the center an eclectic look with both the trendy country vibe of the chalk board and the contemporary and modern look of the mail sorter.     

On the mail sorter I made labels using black and white paper and a classic typewriter font.  I attached them to the sorter with small office clips.  The white in the labels are a good contrast to the gray of the sorter and really tie in the mail sorter with the white in the chalkboard and corkboard.  I contemplated getting a white mail sorter, but I felt that would match just a little too well, and I needed me some contrast!

A baby food jar (bought for $0.51) was used with three magnets attached to the back with hot glue to make a holder for the chalk.  

And that rounds out the tour of my finished message center.  I have to say that since putting it up our kitchen has been a lot more organized and I am loving it.  I have also been doing a lot of photography lately…or something I hope to  be very close to photography so this is a great place to store my favorite pictures.  The great thing about this is I can rotate them out, even on a daily basis, depending on my mood, the season, or any other reason in the world!

Budget Breakdown:

Magnetic Chalkboard: $29.00
Cork Board: FREE
Mail Sorter: $9.99
Baby Food Jar: $0.51

Total: $39.50

P.S. –over on the chalkboard is our summer bucket list to push us to do those amazing things we want to over the summer before summer turns into fall….well fall is pretty short in Minnesota, so more like summer turns into winter.  Hope you all have a great rest of your summer!  

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