Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Holidays: Our Christmas Card

I guess I should take some time to explain my absence, and the cliff hanger that is the microwave island/cart.  I've been crafting my ass off for Christmas.  There is glue, paper, fabric, wood, paint, and DIY goodness everywhere.  I mean everywhere!  I thought I would share one of my many projects to bring joy and happiness to the holiday season, our Christmas card.  My amazing sister in law snapped the photo as the hubby came sulkily along for the ride.  "Another picture???" was the phrase of the photo shoot.  I edited it and added text in photoshop to create the card below.  I had it printed on 5x7 pictures.  Does the background look familiar?  I thought it's the same one I used for my DIY tire photo art!  So be patient, enjoy the holiday spirit because all the DIY projects of the season are on their way! P.S. Although it appears that way I am NOT married to Paul Bunyan or Abe Lincoln.  And YES I got my hair cut. With bangs.  The jury is still out.

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