Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Holidays....Let's Get Back to DIY!

So I am back after a long absence….13 days to be exact – shame on me!  The good news is that I have TONS of projects to share with you.  My original plan was to share all the holiday baking/crafting/etc. that I had done over the holiday with family and friends…but…I accidentally deleted most of the pictures in the process of transferring them from the camera to the computer.  Whop, whop, whop.  BUT this little gem did survive the chaos.  As part of my holiday traditions every year we bake sugar cookies, sprits cookies, and snowballs (or Mexican Wedding Cakes).  We use vintage cookie cutters to make our sugar cookie shapes!  The rest (or the deleted memories/traditions) will have to wait for another time. 

BUT I feel that it’s only fair after days away to give you a lil sneak peak of what I’ve been working on and blog posts to come!  First, we celebrated my mother in law’s birthday with a surprise wine themed birthday like I hinted at here.  So you can look forward to many tutorials about DIY chalkboard wine glasses/beer mugs, to DIY blind wine tastings, to wine bottle centerpieces, and many more!

Then, I used the fabric I bought here to make some easy, simple, and funky floor pillows for the living room.  The extra seating for guests has been nice since the IKEA couch we have our eyes on just isn’t in the cards right now. 

Lastly, I crafted up some new nursery décor for my nephew Grant, the world’s cutest baby.  He received a DIY paper crane mobile and three graphic prints in coordinating colors to kick off his new nursery décor.  Also (very shortly….I pinky swear!) I will be FINALLY revealing my DIY microwave/kitchen island!

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