Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Picking out Fabric

Armed with my free DIY décor color pallet from this post I ventured out with my mother-in-law to the fabric store.  Our quest was to find the perfect fabric for drapes, I was picturing something in navy.  After we painted the paneling in the living room we definitely needed something to soften the look, and drapes seemed like a great solution.  Well…I found the perfect drape fabric at approximately $18.00 a yard, and that was on 50% clearance.  I needed 12 yards so that would bring the total to right around $216 plus tax.  Ouch.  I just couldn’t bring myself to fork out that much for drapes.  However I did fall in love with another fabric that was also on sale, for a much slimmer price. 

It went perfectly with my color swatch for the living room, and I knew from the moment I laid eyes on it I had to have it.  Did I know what I was going to use it for? No.  Did I care? No.  One yard please!    

On the way home from the fabric store a lot of ideas were tossed around for the fabric, but nothing special.  At the least I was going to use them for throw pillows when we finally got our gray living room couch.  Then, as we were gathered in the living room (which still only has two chairs) and my mother-in-law was sitting on the floor she said “why don’t you do some floor pillows with that fabric”.  YES! I loved the idea!  It would add a huge punch and pattern to the room, and also function with added seating.  I had toyed around for a while with adding a bench under the big long window but thought it would be too cluttered.  Floor pillows will work perfectly because they aren’t as bulky and permanent as furniture but will definitely add some spunk!    

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