Friday, October 14, 2011

Free DIY Decor Color Pallet

I went to Home Depot today and spent...absolutely nothing.  BUT I came home with the most awesomest (why yes, awesomest is a word) find ever.  Feast your eyes on a plethora of paint samples..... 

and floor samples.  These babies happen to be absolutely free.  As in, take as many free samples as you'd like!

One might wonder why I am getting all crazy about paint samples and floor samples.  Well, I have too many times been out and about searching for decor wondering if it will go with my color scheme.  I have a foggy memory and sometimes cell phone pictures (that I rely heavily on) distort the colors in a room.  This causes you to bring home that perfect assessory to find that just doesn't quite mesh with the rest of the room.  The soultion to the problem is to gather a bunch of paint samples and match them to all the decor items in your room.

Next, write on all your samples what they match to – like couch, wall color, or floor color.  You can also put fabric swatches in this collection!

Lastly punch, cut, and drill your samples and loop them on a string.  Your freebies are magically transformed into a room color pallet that you can stick right in your purse….or man bag.

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