Monday, October 17, 2011

Clothespin Photo Gallery

Do you remember my vintage find from my old high school in this post?  Yea, I finally got around to craftin’ something up with it to fill my entry way void, for now.  This is one of those permanent projects with a temporary home in our walkway to the kitchen until we get enough cash/motivation to buy a console table so we can get our gallery wall up and running.  For now this is the perfect solution!  But enough blabbing, let’s get to the crafty part.  What you need for this project is an old vintage picture frame.  This one is 31 x 27.5 inches.  If you don’t have an old vintage picture frame you love, you could get a large picture frame and paint it a bold color like blue or yellow, or rough up a new picture frame to get that aged look.  You need twine, tacks, 7-8 pictures (depending on your frame size), and the same number of clothes pins as you have pictures.  I raided my mother’s clothes pin bucket (that she actually still uses because she is old school like that) and picked the most rustic and aged clothes pins I could find. 

As you can see my picture frame already had one twine rope hanging from it so I tacked two pieces of twine into the picture frame.   

You want one piece of twine to hang lower than the other and also add a piece of twine to hold the picture frame up.  Then arrange your pictures to your taste and clip those babies on. You now have a vintage and funky clothespin gallery. 

What I like best about this project is the pictures can change as my color scheme changes, and my photographic talents evolve.  I choose pictures for this frame that would pop against the colors of the room! 

The photos are from my train (which I haven't blogged about yet, shame on me), boathouse, tire, and military junk yard photo adventures! 

I also created a nice little arrangement on the small console table with vintage books, a blue bowl from Ikea for change, a white Ikea vase, and a mustard vase I got at a garage sale for $0.50.  She shell bowl was from goodwill at a whopping $2.00 and although originally black I of course spray painted it white some time ago to create a peaceful vibe.  The shell now holds keys and other tidbits. 

I like how the color scheme plays off the colors in the living room to create a cohesive look.

We also tossed in a home made rug we received as a wedding gift.  This lady is amazing and makes these rugs out of repurposed jeans.  It gives the entryway just the pop of blue it needs.

What was the budget for this mini/temporary hallway makeover you ask?  Well…here is the budget breakdown:

·        Vintage picture frame: free!
·        Twine: already had
·        Clothespins: stole from my mother (with her permission of course)
·        Pictures: $1.40 from Tarjay
·        Console table: had from our townhouse
·        Books, vases, shell, bowls: had!

Grand total: $1.40

The best part is I didn’t even have to put the nail in…it was already there.  For this price, this is a temporary makeover I can live with!

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