Monday, October 10, 2011

Vintage Finds at My Old High School

High school is supposed to be the best time of your life.  Some people live by that notion, others think it’s a crock of &#*@.  Either or, high school is where you develop friends and your sense of self. Well…recently my high school was knocked down – technically part of it was knocked down.  The school board decided it was too costly to heat it as enrollment is down in small towns and the small schools are dying off.  The part they knocked down was the original part of the school before they added on the rest.  It also housed my favorite classroom – art.         

Well I couldn’t resist taking my camera to capture that chaos that used to be my old stomping grounds.  So many memories.  This is after all where the hubby and I met. 

I was very fortunate that my sister-in-law put the word out to the janitor that I was looking for treasures.  She couldn’t swing me the old card catalogue (boo!) but she did bring me this amazing old frame.  It used to be a bulletin board back in the day.  I love the worn paint and the texture!

The hubby and I were on the way to visit family as we rolled on by the school for the first time.  Of course I was in wedge heels and a short dress.  I shouted “stop!” and immediately jumped out to see if there was anything I could salvage.  I teetered in my wedges as the hubby hung his head in embarrassment in the car.  I mean this is a small town, and his wife was sifting through the rubble.  I spied a yellow locker and gave the hubby a thumbs up!  The little gesture he made I took for approval so I hauled that sucker out and shoved it in the back of my car.  Another trash to treasure success!      

P.S. none of us can remember where there were yellow lockers in the school.  I guess it will just be a mystery!

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