Friday, October 7, 2011

DIY Fall Decor

After being inspired by the photos in this post, I dove right in to create my own fall display.  First I picked up a selection of gourds, mini pumpkins, corn, and a medium sized pumpkin.  I found these at my local grocery store!

Before I attempted anything crazy I played around with the corn, pumpkins, and gourds until I came up with an arrangement I liked.  I was then able to get an idea of which pumpkins I would paint, and what would be on them. 

The bright orange of the pumpkins wasn’t exactly the vibe I was going for so I got out some acrylic paints and mixed and matched until I came up with the right shade of yellow.    

I then painted the pumpkins, bottoms first!  This way the final coats could be on the top and sides of the pumpkins, where the paint job really matters. Each pumpkin took two coats of paint.     

I then got a little rammy and forgot to take pictures of me writing the letters on the pumpkins.  Oops.  I choose gray because I love me some gray and yellow!  After thinking about my abilities as an artist (slim to none) I went with a times new roman font for the M.  It just so happened that this font also complemented my M monogram on the mantel!      

I used corn and pumpkins on both sides to balance the look out.        

I also choose yellow because it makes the color of the yellow in the corn pop!        

I put this corn in a hurricane vase, and put the other ears of mini corn in a cylinder vase.          

For the mini pumpkins I choose to put the year to commemorate our first fall in our new house!           

During a trip in the back yard I came out with these pretty leaves and berries!             

Overall, my fall décor was pretty inexpensive to say the least since I had most of the vases and the majority of the paint. 

Here is a budget breakdown:

Corn/Gourds/Pumpkins: $13.00
Gray Paint: $0.89

Total: $13.89

Now that’s a price I can live with!              


  1. You know I'm not really a fan of orange pumkins, so hey why not paint them? Looks great.


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