Monday, October 29, 2012

Etsy Prints: Rount Two

This is it - the second round of Etsy prints.  I mentioned here that I was getting art together for a DIY gallery style frame wall.  To buy 30ish pieces of art all at the same time costs major dough so doing it over time made a lot more sense to me.  This round has mainly Minneapolis inspired art along with some photography inspiration.  A major OOPS - the moth art was actually featured here but somehow got put in with the new art!

First is this bold black and white camera linocut print from Words I Give By. I loved the simplicity and a reminder to always follow my photography passion.

The second print comes from Jenna Sue Maps.  I love the simplicity of this map and the graphic colors and design.  It is definitely a different take on maps. 

The next print is a different take of the city.  This poppy print from Stelie Designs is a silhouette of the city.  I love the fun yellow colors and simplicity of the outline.

Lastly is this different take on the Minneapolis city skyline.  This print is from loose petals.  It captures the scene from one of the downtown lakes. After this round of art, and the art from the Stone Arch Festival I think I am filling up on my art at a great rate!  So far there are 7 from the Stone Arch Festival, 6 prints from my first Etsy order, 4 prints from this most current Etsy round up, and 1 from the Michigan Trip.  That leaves me with a total of 18 prints.  I want to hit around that 30 mark, but I feel pretty confident that I can whip up some DIY free art to fill the void.

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