Friday, October 26, 2012

Discount Home Depot Throw Pillows

On a recent trip to Home Depot I spotted these on the shelf next to the old and clearance summer merchandise. Throw pillows was definitely not on the list for what we were looking for that day. I looked, grabbed them off the shelf, looked a little closer, and then thought "I would be brain dead if I didn't bring these home".  

These thoughts came rushing when I peered at the price tag.  $4.00....but even better, a sale brought them down to $2.00 each.  VICTORY!  $4.00 for both pillows was a major steal.  I couldn't make two pillow forms for that!

The pattern was aiiight, but really wasn't jiving with anything I have currently going on.  BUT pillows can easily be recovered and to buy two throw pillow forms it would be waaaay more than $4.00.  Yes they are outdoor pillows, but I think they will work just fine.  And for the price it was a perfect fit!

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