Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stone Arch Art

This weekend I spend a wonderful day on the Minnesota River at the 2012 Stone Arch Festival.  It was a day of sun, art, and music and I loved every minute of it.  I picked up some pieces from some amazing local artists to help my art collection grow.  The first piece of art I purchased was from a local artist Judy R. Labuszewski. She makes amazing paintings and the colors in this print were inspiring. 

The next two prints I bought were from the artist Russel J Dittmar.  I loved the combination of the colors along with the content. 

The colors of the frog looked so cool and the frog just appeared so serious and stoic to me.  This piece had a lot of personality and funk!

The fishing boat print reminded me of days on Lake Vermilion fishing in our little fishing boat, so the content was sentimental.  There is nothing like the essence of the calm of a lake in the morning and this painting captures that feeling perfectly.

The next piece I got from Peter Caley Photography.  Something about the stillness and color of this picture captured my eye.   

The next trio of prints are some of my favorites from an artist named Mike Welton.  He takes pictures of architectural landmarks around the city and makes beautiful paintings out of them.  At first sight they almost look like photographs, but then at a closer look you can see the elegance of the brush strokes. 

Mike had a deal running on three prints and you hardly had to twist my arm to jump at the opportunity to own three of these babies.  The first print was of the Gold Medal Flour Company sign.  It is an industrial and architectural icon in the city and makes me warm thinking of it!

Next it is uptown, which is an amazing and trendy art community.  We like to spend time going to our favorite restaurants like Chino Latino and Sushi Tango as well as little unique shops. 

Lastly is the Foshay tower.  This is one of the oldest sky scrapers in the city.  It’s always fun to nostalgically think about it in its prime time when it was the tallest building in the sky.  As downtown has grown up it is dwarfed by newer buildings, but it is still one of our favorite landmarks in the downtown area.     

Combined these prints comprise a wonderful color scheme that I am hoping to add to.  I feel some Etsy prints in the future!

I am hoping to make a frame gallery on this wall.  I am planning to relocate my old picture frame photo gallery to another wall and make way for some new and inspirational art that holds near and dear to the city I love.

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