Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Faux Barn Wood Mirror Is Finished!

We did it!  We finally did it – the mirror is complete!  Ahhh….and I couldn’t be more giddy with joy!  Let’s rewind a bit and see how we got here.

After we stained, cut, and indented our wood we attached all four pieces together with angle brackets.  We placed two at each corner joint.  We topped it off with three pocket screws per corner joint to make sure it really held well.  We weren’t screwing around…..

Next we took several pieces of “flat stock” and predrilled holes with a drill press.  These flat stock pieces were angled across the back of the mirror to make sure it didn’t fall out and secured to the frame.  We had already lost two mirrors in this process and that wasn’t a place we wanted to go back to.

AND to really secure the mirror we took four pieces of the flat stock and screwed it into the bottom board of the mirror.  This was so just incase the mirror did slip out of the ninja grip we had on it, it would be caught by the flat stock and not shattered on the floor.  Good times. 

Next we picked up a heavy duty mirror and picture hanger that was approved for up to 200 lbs.  We felt this would cover all our bases and secure our mirror to the wall. 

We measured to the center of the mirror and attached one half of the heavy duty picture hanger on the top board of the mirror.

Then we attached the other end to the wall after we measured out to just the right height and width in the room.  The hanger was really cool and the two pieces fit together like a glove!

There was a slight gap between the mirror and the wall, but it is hardly noticeable!

From the side the mirror looks well incorporated into the room.  I have had several guests not notice it until they were in the kitchen and………

BAM! That’s a huge freaking mirror!  This is the very phrase that was uttered out of the hubby and my mouth after we put it up.  It is quite large to say the least!

It took us a while to get used to, but now that it is here and up on the wall we couldn’t be happier!

I think it perfectly fills in the space on the wall without making it look bare or have it look like there is something to be desired.  Not to mention it’s ability to make the dining room and kitchen look larger AND add in extra light.  Yep it’s large and in charge and we love it!

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