Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY Gallery Wall Art

As I mentioned here and here I am working on gathering art for a gallery style wall.  I also alluded that I would be gathering up some DIY art as well.  These pieces of art are pretty personal and very meaningful.  

Starting out with this anchor art I loved the quote.  This is an old proverb that reminds me to not sweat the small stuff and to never lose sight of the big picture.  All it took to create this was an anchor dingbat (so I could change the color) and some funky fonts!

These next two were very simple.  The top is a card that a dear old friend Tom sent me.  He would write me often with cards and it was a very simple gesture that often gets lost.  In today's world we usually write e-mails, texts, and sometimes a phone call.  With Tom, he was old school and preferred writing letters.  He passed away several years ago now and this card is a very meaningful reminder of our relationship.  The second is another card with nothing written in it.  I was drawn to the greeting card pattern and I often use it to write my thank-you notes.  It is a reminder to always be thankful.  

Next is an eye chart style graphic print.  I was inspired by these prints on Etsy, but somehow never found a message that fit me.  I used a Bob Dylan lyric that we had read at our wedding to make it amazingly customized. 

Next is a meaningful Minnesota map art.  It was created very simply by using a state dingbat and some hearts.  Each heart symbolizes a place where the hubby and I have lived starting with our home town, to our college town, to the place we call our home now. 

 Next is a graphic print with yet another set of Bob Dylan lyrics.  Do you sense a theme?  I am completely obsessed with Bob Dylan......he is a legend.  This is a reminder to be forever yooouuunnggg!

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