Thursday, April 19, 2012

Goodwill Excursion

A miracle has happened.  A Goodwill has opened up within about 15 minutes of my house.  Oh joyous day!  Previously I would have to trek 40 minutes to take a gander at the Goodwill treasures.  But those days are NO MORE!  And even better….the new store is located right off my route home from work.  So I decided after I spied the sign I needed to take a gander at what they had in store.  I came out with a platter, two ball canning jars, and one soap pump.   

I had been stalking this platter ever since it graced the shelves of Target.  I loved the beautiful navy floral pattern, but at $17.00 I just couldn’t do it.  Then the collection went on clearance, but the prices never got low enough for me to pounce.  What a surprise when I found it on the Goodwill shelves for $4.00 – now that is a price that I can’t complain about!   

In recent Pintrest adventures I have been obsessed with a project that involves ball canning jars and a soap dispenser.  Can you smell a DIY craft in the future?  The jars were $3.99 a piece.  It wasn’t a great price, but I was planning to use them to spice up the bathroom and I didn’t know when I was going antiquing again, AND I had to make my DIY craft so they went into the cart too.  Also joining the party was the soap dispense.  It looks a little dingy, but I assure you it cleans up good!  So for $14.00 I walked out of Goodwill a happy happy woman!     

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