Friday, April 13, 2012

Kitchen Tweaks

We have recently added some minor additions welcomed friends to our kitchen.  First I decided that since I haven’t grown since…..7th grade…..that I will probably be no taller than my 5 feet 2 inches.  This means that every time the hubby isn’t around (who is always my go-to guy for reaching things on tall shelves) I need to drag a stool or chair into the kitchen to reach what I want.  That madness had to stop. Enter a BEKVAM stool purchased at Ikea for $14.99.  Now that was a solution I could live with.

It took little time to put together and soon it was taken to its home in the kitchen.  I like the simplistic classic look of the stool, and it is mighty useful!  BUT I felt something was missing.  It looked a little too bare and lonely.  Enter in the lovely vintage blue enamel tea kettle I had in storage!  This was a gift from my dad several Christmas’s ago and I have yet to find a proper home from it until now. 

It really spices up the space with a pop of color to a mostly neutral room.  The navy color complements the light blue color scheme I have going on around the whole house and pulls in the navy’s from the living room.  Most importantly it reminds me of my dad…awww.  I am not sure if I am going to leave the stool its natural beech color, stain it, or paint it a color, but I am loving the function!


  1. I really like the bright kettle and plants! What do you have growing?

  2. Thanks Ellen! I am growing Basil and Oregano! YUM!


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