Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fortunate Tip of the Scale: Vintage Kitchen Scale

A fortunate tip of the luck scale landed this baby in my kitchen.  At an event called Goldrush Days I haggled my way to this victorious prize.  Imagine a whole fairground filled with antiques....yes the buildings are filled....yes every square inch of the dirt outside is filled.....yes it IS heaven.  

How I was successful was using the camera on my phone and the notes.  This was the first thing I took a picture of but had a limited budget.  I would take a picture of the item and then mark the location in my notes.  This helped me navigate back to this jem.  I haggled the dealer down to $20 and skipped away giddy with joy!  One of my favorite parts is the patina on the bottom.  I love how the color changes from blueish to green and the little bits of rust.  

It fits perfectly in my kitchen and adds a pop of color that is not so BAM but still adds interest.  Oh yes, this is my kitchen.  Looks a little different right?  Yes we finally finished the subway tile - I promise the whole shebam will be the next post.  

Another thing that makes me so excited about the scale is that it is perfect for holding a small glass bowl filled with fruit or vegetables.  It is so pretty looking that it makes me want to eat a ton more fruits and veggies so I can fill it up with different colors and kinds!

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