Monday, October 1, 2012

Throw Pillow Update

After a shopping trip at some boutiques around my town I came home with a small little purchase that made a big update in our living room.   

Here is a shot of the living room as it sat before my special special pillow.  It was looking a little two symmetrical and balanced.  I wanted something that would make that layered and lived in look.  

This little lumbar pillow did just the trick!  I love love looooove how the little tiny blues in the flowers pop with the blues of the geometric pillow.  

I also loooooove how the roundness of the design matches the round print on my floor pillows.  Also the colors, especially the reds, pull off one another to make the room more cohesive and put together!  I am now up to three prints in the living room: geometric pillow, country floral, and round print on the floor pillow.  I am hoping to add a lot more textures and prints in the room with curtains, a couch, blankets etc.

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