Friday, September 28, 2012

DIY Ball Canning Jar Soap Dispenser

Remember the loot I picked up on my goodwill excursion? To recap I picked up a ball canning jar for $4.00 and an old soap dispenser for $1.00.  Why is this important?  Well this is all you need to pull off a custom Ball canning jar soap dispenser for $5.00! 

All you need from the dispenser is the top.  I didn't open this one up before I bought it and it was naaasty.  Don't worry nothing a little elbow grease and a lot of disinfectant couldn't get rid of!

After taking off the metal insert in the Ball canning jar I was faced with this.  Inside the top there was a waxy glass thing.  Well there is nothing like flying by the seat of your pants so we just kept chugging away.   

We measured out the diameter of the pump and started drilling away with the drill press!

Then this happened.  The inset of glass/wax/stuff shattered.  Usually broken glass is a bad sign, however in this case was good.  Once we were free and clear of the glass the hole drilled a lot faster.  

Next enter the hot glue.  I mean what sophisticated project DOESN'T have hot glue?  You can put two and two together - I filled the inside of the pump with hot glue and fit it into the hole from the top.  

Then.....ta da!  A pale blue customized jem for our bathroom!  I have been LOVING it...even though the hubby filled it with orange soap.  I would recommend clear or white soap...!

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