Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Michigan Art

While on our Michigan trip I was inspired!  I picked up a couple items that I am very excited to get up in the house now that we are back.  

The first is this beautiful bird print.'s actually not a print.  It's a greeting card that I'm planning on framing the card to make it look like a print.  I like the simplicity and symmetry.  Somehow it makes me think of love. And also it was pretty easy on the wallet ($3 I think) compared to a print!

The next thing that captured my hear was this letter M.  I have been on a personal journey for ohhh about a year now to work some sort of industrial letter into my decor.  I wanted it to have history, charm, and a story.  After I looked and looked and LOOKED for a letter that made sense in our house I came up empty handed.  When we were in Michigan we found this letter, new, and had to jump on it.  It was the perfect size.  It was the perfect color.  It was the right letter - M for our last name!  So I took it - I am so stoked to find a home for it in our home.  An added bonus is that it will remind us of our fabulous trip to Michigan...also with an M!

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