Friday, October 19, 2012

Etsy Prints Rount One

I am collecting art from Etsy slowly but surely to help build up my collection for my future gallery frame wall.

This is how our living room currently looks.  I love my DIY clothes-pin photo gallery , but I was hoping for something that would better fit the scale of the wall.  No worries about where the gallery will end up, I already have plans for that!

I am envisioning something like this beauty from Young House Love.  

Or this one from Curbly.

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Or this one from Dykast.  You get the feel I'm going for.  What I like most about this example is the poppy fun and bright colors.  The other examples have neutral and soft colors, but this one really shakes things up!

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Now back to the art.  I wanted the art to be varied and eclectic.  My first purchase was this vintage 1910 butterfly book plate from Kelly Waren.  I snapped it up for $6.50.

Next is this Old School Striped Bass drawing by artist Michelle Soares.  This print cost me just $12.00!

Next was this charming little orange-ish red owl Linocut for $7.00. I purchased this from Judith Hladik-Voss.  

This Mehndi Peacock Print had me at hello.  I love the detail in the tail!  This was from Michelle Tavares for only $13.00.

This Gypsie Moth print was from Vintage Carolina for just $4.50!

Gypsy Moth Illustrations Vintage Insect Scientific Book Plates for Mixed Media, Altered Art or Framing

By far my most favorite print was this charming owl.  I love the color and the look on his little eyes.  This one I snagged from Iain McDonald for just $12.50.  Have I mentioned how much Etsy rocks? rocks pretty hard.  I am so excited that I snagged a bunch of colorful, unique, eclectic prints for super cheap.  I am excited for what other gems I will find on Etsy for my gallery wall, and what prints will inspire me to create a little DIY art of my own! 

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