Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tolix Replica Stool: Tabouret from Overstock

I have been searching for vintage Tolix or Tolix replica stools for my lowered kitchen bar forever.  Like a really long time.  I wanted the raw metal and searched for hours online.  I found a lot of replicas.....in Australia.  That didn't ship to the US.  Wop wop wop.  The vintage stools were waaay out of my price range at several hundred dollars per stool.  YES hundreds.  Then I came upon the Tabouret stool from Overstock.com in silver. 

My only concern was the finish.  It was not raw metal as I had hoped or craved for.  It was powder coated.  I would say the finish looks like a car that was painted silver.  I made a prom and con list, agonized over it, and finally made a decision.  It was a HELLS YES on the chairs.  The price for TWO was $99.00.  This means I could get four for under $200.  I couldn't even buy ONE of the original for that price so the choice was obvious.  So I pressed send and ordered those babies. This is what our stools looked like before.  Waaay too short and pretty plain. 

A couple days later I came home to a wonderful surprise that I promptly wrestled into the living room.

I ripped open the package and put them in their rightful place.  Ahhh just the right height!  It was love at first sight.  Any questions or worries I had about them fitting in with the stainless and being powder coated vanished.  I decided three fit comfortably under the bar so I would put the fourth in storage or somewhere else in the house.  This was my backup in case something (heaven forbid) happened to one of my precious stools.

This picture is my best attempt at capturing the look of the powder coating.  I also love the detailed hole on the top of the stool.  I am in love love love love love!

Here are the stools in the grand scheme of the kitchen.  I like how they update and modernize the look.  Also they add a very industrial component to the kitchen.  And most importantly they are the right height, which means.....we can actually eat at the counter!  Oh happy day!

I also thought I would share this bonus arrangement.  I got the ball canning jar on this trip to goodwill and the cow at a kitchen speciality store in uptown Minneapolis.  The cheese tray came from, of course, goodwill!  I am hoping to update what goes under the platter with the seasons.  Maybe a pumpkin for fall, and Christmas bulbs for winter?  The jar I am hoping to use as sort of a thankful jar by putting in it little notes about what makes me thankful and happy in life.  Hopefully the hubby will chip in too.  This will be a great reminder that even when life seems stressful and is threatening to get you down, that I have soo much to be thankful for in life.  These stools being one of them!

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