Monday, August 20, 2012

Photography Adventure: Lake Vermilion

I recently went on an amazing photography adventure.  I feel like I have been slacking lately on the adventures and summer is almost over so I took a nice boat ride with my mother on Lake Vermilion.  The first picture is of the back of the motor.  I felt like I wanted to capture the real "boating" experience as I am often looking out the back of the boat on our trips.

The next picture I snapped when we stopped for some lunch.  There was a gas pump in the woods.  Why it was in the woods I have no clue but it looked darn cool!

Here is a shot of the whole pump from a ways back.  

Then I snapped a shot of some sea gulls.  Super exciting I know.  I'm not sure what I think of this picture...

Then we stopped by Potato Island.  Yes there is an island named after a potato....maybe because its shaped like one?  But it's not fooling anyone....we know its just a pile of rocks.

Every year sea gulls and cormorants make this rock their home.  

I am amazed by the one bush that seems to survive on the island..err..rock pile.

It was a gorgeous sunny day and I am just itching to find someplace to house these pictures.  Taken any photography adventures yourself lately?

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