Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DIY Yellow Dresser TV Stand

On a recent rummage sale jaunt with my sister in law I picked up this.  Now it wasn't as easy as pie because we had a car and a sleeping room for my dresser.  I then called the hubby to the rescue to come with the truck.  But, he wasn't such a knight in shining armour due to a slight communication problem.  Apparently he said "Just have it ready to go when we get there" and I heard "please come to look at it to see if we are making a big mistake".  Opps, while regardless we took it home with us.  

Oh ya, and it was only $15.00 so well worth the little communication issue.  I loved the structure of the dresser as well as the textured weave on the top two drawers.

I decided yellow would be the lucky color for the dresser.  The destination?  The downstairs living room to replace the current TV stand.  I thought the downstairs living room could use a major pop of color so I choose Leisure by BEHR in a semi gloss finish.  Of course it was a paint and primer in one.

The project first started out with some heavy duty sanding.  The top had a bunch of water glass rings and I wanted to make sure it was as smooth as possible for a nice paint finish.

Then I started putting on the paint.  Light even coats with the heavy roller and going over the top with the fine roller was the key. 

After 4 coats of paint the dresser was looking pretty in shape.  Some pieces of the dresser needed some more coats than others, but I think it depends a lot on your color and the original piece of furniture.

I contemplated buying new hardware for the dresser, but fell short when I couldn't find a size to align with the existing holes.  I then decided the best option was to spray paint the existing hardware with oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  Stop back to see the dresser turned into a TV stand!

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