Friday, August 24, 2012

Four Thirft Finds

These four beauties came home with me during some recent thrift outings. 

First up is this beautiful white leaf platter.  It was 25 cents so I knew it needed to be mine.  I love the natural vibe it has and the simple white color.

Next up is this textured vase.  I love the lines on it, although I am not in love with the creamy color.  I smell a spray paint makeover!  Well maybe not smell the spray paint - I think that's bad for your health.  At $3 this vase was a steal.  I also think the lines put out a naturey vibe too!

Then there was this fellow.  A duck? A bird? I don't know but he just looked very unique.  And he was $2 - yippie!  I am not in love with the color so I think a spray paint makeover will ensue for this guy as well.

Lastly and by far my favorite was this woven round basket at $4.00.  How cool is this texture and shape?  And in my travels I haven't come across a lot of round baskets so this one was definitely in the cart!  Four finds for under $10.  That is a day of thrifting success!

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