Monday, March 12, 2012

Console This: Console Table Styling

In the midst of the crazy kitchen update we got a new console table.  After digging through my treasures that I had stored away from the move I styled up the console table to make a pretty and functional entry way area. 

Remember the old console table?  It was an “it works for now” type of thing, but obviously too-small-awkward-ish for the big wall.  After we saved up enough cash to get the new console table we weren’t to apprehensive to replace it.  But don’t worry….I have many plans for repurposing this little guy.     

The empty photo frame art gallery is staying for the moment.  Like the table it is a touch to small for the long wall it rests on.  It looks great for now, but there are long term plans to relocate it to a space where it feels right at home.  Also some of the other bits from the previous console table stayed behind. 

After about a half hour of scratching my head and arranging and re-arranging everything I decided on some books for the bottom of the table.  I placed our friend the squirrel and hootie as book ends for some funky monochromatic books.     

On the top I added a pale blue Ball canning jar with some sand and a lock.  The other side holds a vintage camera in a hurricane vase along with some vintage books and aqua vase.  The shell holds all our keys, phones, and other important bits and there is also a small bowl for change. 

Overall I love the color of the table and how it fits well into the eclectic feel of the room.  The color is a rich contrast to the golden hue of the floor.  Eventually the wall will hold a gallery of white picture frames that span most of the wall.  I think the dark chocolate color will be a great balance with the while.     

The table was bough at Target so it was easy on the wallet as well.  It was the only console table they had in stock after weeks of looking.  Initially I was hoping to go for something really modern to balance out the eclectic look of the room.  However the table turned out to have more traditional lines, but I think that it adds a lot to the character of the room!  This was by far one of the hardest areas to style for me, but hopefully my eye for décor is improving as I go about updating my house to make it a home!      

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