Monday, March 19, 2012

Colorful Dining Room Update

There have been a lot of changes around our casa lately.  Mostly with the kitchen, but also with the entry way.  AND….can you see some little changes going on waayy in the background?  The hutch has just been updated.  For free of course. 

But before you get a little peak at that little project, remember what it looked like on moving day?  I just wanted to take a little moment to say……THANK GOD for all the changes.  They have been little, small, snail-ish. But soo worth it.  Over the course of almost a year of being a proud home owner the biggest lesson I’ve learned is just take the jump.  Even if the décor/furniture/placement isn’t exactly where you envision it to be in the long haul, the little changes put a smile on your face and make your house feel like a real home.

Anyhoo enough of the sentimental crap *wiping tear away*.  Here is a closer look at the small changes in the beautiful built in 1940’s hutch that was part of the reason I fell so deeply in love with the house in the first place.  PS it is sooo much more calming to have the cabinetry from the kitchen (now white) match the cabinetry in the dining room (always white).      

Prior to this the hutch was a little uneventful and left a lot to be desired.  I had lined up all the bowls exactly in the center of the shelving alternating between blue and white dishes.  Last summer I clipped some green hydrangea flowers to fill the white bowls for a little bit ‘o color.  As you can see I jazzed it up a bit by adding some pops of yellow.  I used some vintage books, yellow bud vase (scored for $0.50 at a rummage sale) and my brass birds.        

The ways the blues, greens, and yellows are paired together create a subtle pop of color that is slightly unexpected but not too overwhelming.  It is the right balance of fun without taking a train into obnoxious town.          

The brown wall color softens the look, but definitely brightens up the dining space.  The best part was that I got an eclectic vintage look for free!  All this stuff was just sitting on my storage shelves waiting for a home!  Hopefully that inspires you to look at using things you already have in your home in new ways.            

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