Monday, March 26, 2012

A Bathroom Adventure

Get your mind out of the gutter…not that kind of bathroom adventure.  Something even better!  Currently this is how our bathroom stands.  Outdated barely begins to describe it.   

Our wish list for the bathroom (for now) includes:

  • An updated vanity with some storage
  • Getting rid of the medicine cabinet and getting an updated mirror
  • Gray penny tile floors
  • Heated floors – hey when you live in Minnesota it begins to become a necessity!
  • Working with the existing white tile, but replacing some of the odder bathroom fixtures such as the 2 towel bars and soap and toothbrush holder
  • New paint
  • Art!

We started out this voyage several months ago when we were taking a lil trip to our home away from home….the Home Depot.  We spied this little vanity and I instantly fell in love.  It was the perfect modern vanity I was looking for with TONS of storage.  We had been casually looking for vanities since we moved, but never felt ready to commit.  None of the vanities we looked at ever had an upper drawer, but this one did!  It was fate and after a side conversation with the hubby in the tool isle I convinced him we had to take it home.  You see it was a “special buy” and there was only one left.  At a price of $120 it was pretty cheap for the vanity, sink, and mirror! 

After the purchase we braced ourselves.  This was a project we wanted to do as we could afford it/as we had the time.  We knew that a faucet would be another $80.00 and it would be a day project to put in.  We wanted to make sure that we could afford all the extras that can come with a project like this before we committed, and so we sat on it….until now!

We ended up getting an oil rubbed bronze faucet with a very vintage look.  It is from Glacier Bay, also found at Home Depot.  We got this bad boy for around $80.00 – not too shabby!  It is so unique looking I could die….so check back for the installing and finishing of our new vanity!

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