Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to Make Floor Pillows

Remember when I bought this fabric here using my DIY color pallet?  Ya..that was a long time ago, thanks for the reminder.  I finally got around to whipping up some floor pillows to add some extra seating to the house since the living room currently only has two chairs. 

I measured the space so the pillows would fit perfectly under the windows.  My fabric was 34 inches long by 22 inches wide.  First start by pinning the pattern sides of the fabric together.  Sew a 1/4 inch seam on all four sides of the pillow leaving an 8 inch gap for stuffing.

Turn the pattern right side out, making sure all corners are square.  Iron the seams of the pattern.  Fold the fabric of the 8 inch gap under when you are ironing to make it flush with the rest of the seams. 

Sew a 1/4 inch seam around the whole pillow, leaving the 8 inch gap open.

Stuff the pillow with stuffing.  I found mine at Michael's.  Pin the 8 inch gap closed and match up the seam lines and sew closed.  Fluff your pillows and enjoy!

Boom.  I just added two extra seats to my living room!  The excitement is just bubbling up out of my pores.

These are a really easy alternative the other options that are out there for throw pillows.  And the fact that they can be customized to fit virtually any space isn't too shabby either.

Not to mention that I am in love with the fabric and how it ties into the rest of the room. And of course who could resist a whole room view?  Not this girl!  If you didn't notice I also tweaked my mantle a little bit to make it look a little less busy.  Now, if I could only find some suitable curtain fabric!

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