Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY Apron

So for Christmas I crafted up my girlfriends aprons.  Giving presents is something that gets tricky when you get older.  Ahhh it was so easy in high school when the latest Backstreet Boys CD, lotion, or glittery picture frame would do it.  There are only so many picture frames and serving bowls a gal can gift before it gets old.  So anyhoo I thought aprons would be a perfect addition to any kitchen and hopefully inspire the inner housewife in all of us!

I started out by going to JoAnn fabrics and picking out a pattern for my aprons.  The pattern I picked out was a vintage replica pattern, ahh how nostalgic. Then I picked out fabric and materials and got to work.  I will tell you these were not an easy feat.  I haven’t used a pattern since I was in 2nd grade, ya I know that’s bad.  When I sew I prefer to freestyle it up.  There were a lot of frustrating “what the heck does this mean?” moments……and a lot of Googling and calling home to my mother for support.  Lesson learned, start in July and you will not stress yourself out!  

This is how they turned out.  I am really pleased with all the ruffles and feminine look.  My favorite part was picking out the fabric.  Seriously I could live in a fabric store.  This is a great nontraditional gift idea for any female in your life for a wedding shower present, Christmas, birthday, or any other special occasion. Hopefully this inspires you to get your craftin’ on!

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