Friday, March 2, 2012

White Kitchen Cabinet Reveal

 All the insanity is finally over with….for now.  Yes that means that after the cabinets were prepped, painted, and the doors have finished drying they are now all hung up!

Ohh don’t forget the much overlooked pantry side of the kitchen.  It got a nice little makeover too….along with a new appliance Mr. Stainless. 

I find myself standing in my kitchen and basking in the glory of the crisp white-ness that used to be well builders grade orangey.  Remember this?  Well i'm trying to forget!   

Projects along the way that helped bring the kitchen to this point are my wonderful DIY kitchen island and spraying the knobs ORB to update them from bling bling gold.  Oh wait, don’t forget our two new appliance friends our wheeling and dealing double oven stove and our new friend the stainless steel fridge.  Throw in a DIY magnetic chalkboard without magnet paint, a pantry revamp, a bill collecting organization center and that rounds up the DIY projects in the kitchen so far.

Oh wait….did I forget a little project?  Oh yes I did!  We recently made a voyage to Ikea…AKA the best place on earth.  We brought back this amazing cutting board that goes over the sink.  And then we returned it.   

Well the first time wasn’t a charm.  It was too long for the sink, and we decided that we might be able to DIY one.  No luck and we went back to get the cutting board for a second time.  We realized that we could shave a little off the cutting board to make a perfect fit over the sink.  This not only an amazing new addition to the kitchen because I cut a lot of shit…..but it also adds precious counter top real-estate.  If you haven’t noticed I have been trying to maximize my countertop space by adding an island and this was another great way to get that effect in a kitchen with minimal counter space.   Half of my sink just became usable space to chop things OR just set some extra stuff.  BOOM.  It’s totally a bonus that I have loved it ever since it came home to live with us.       

Also maximizing our countertop space is a cover for the stove that usually goes here when I’m not boiling a mean pot of pasta.  Ahhh cooking has become bliss in my new space!        

Now here is the down and dirty.  For the paint, brushes, sanding stuff, and all the other junk we used to paint the kitchen the budget came to around $100.  I am a terrible blogger in that I don’t have it down to the penny.  Maybe it was around $98.37?  Who knows….all I know is that we didn’t crest over the hundred dollar mark for the paint and supplies. The great part is we had most of the extras like some rollers, some drop cloths, the sander, etc.  The biggest part of the budget was paint which was around $30 ish dollars a gallon.  Maybe $34.97…who knows.  All I know is that we are making good headway with the kitchen!!  Future projects will include a subway tile backsplash, new stainless dishwasher, open shelving above the microwave island, new lighting, and some wall art.  Probably some other small stuff along the way too!         


  1. I love-love-love your kitchen transformation! My kitchen is on my to-do list. Great work!

  2. Thanks Jalapeno! It's amazing what a little paint and elbow grease will do. And the boost to your kitchen sanity isn't bad either! I'm glad you liked!


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