Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pantry Organization Reveal

Without further ado, and the interruptions of Thanksgiving and well….my life…here is my big pantry reveal!  Since finishing this project I have felt the catastrophe level in the kitchen has been taken down a notch or two. Thank goodness! Pastas, carbs, and some miscellaneous baking ingredients on the top shelf, spices on the second shelf, tea knives, and an assortment of spices and baking ingredients on the third shelf, cans on the fourth, and some leftover pots and pans on the bottom for easy access.  Pure heaven. 

And don’t forget, my calendar and inventory sheets to keep me on track and organized!

I love the simplicity of the pasta labels, plus it helps me to keep all my pastas straight.  Substituting spaghetti for angel hair could be the death of one of my favorite recipes, plus they look pretty.

It’s a calming feeling that everything has a place.  For the more obvious carbs, like say my wild rice, I didn’t feel the need to put a label and just left it naked.

I couldn’t help but take lots and lots of pictures…..

...ohh so simplistic all in a row!

I am sooo not regretting the classic look of putting my mason jar labels on the lid.  It just looks so streamlined and de cluttered. 

I made the decision to put all the spices in jars…..even if we had just a teeny tiny bit of it.  Again I just prefer the streamlined look, it’s more appeasing to the eye!

And these spices wouldn’t be complete without the DIY Chalkboard label…alright faux chalkboard label.

Shelf dividers from IKEA were my BFF on this project.  It helped me maximize the most of my little corner pantry!

Keeping my knife block in the pantry saves the precious real estate that is my countertop, but also keeps them close enough where it is a breeze to pull them out at any time!

I guess the moral of this DIY project is everything looks better in a simple glass jar.

So here is the Budget Breakdown for the entire project:

Calendar and Food Inventory: $11.98
Spice jars and chalk labels: $53.49
Pasta Jars and Labels $42.22
Kerr Jars: $20.00
Other Misc. Jars: $10.98

Grand Total: $138.67

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