Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pantry Reorganization: Chalk Spice Label

Remember my spice shelf? Yea we don’t want to go back there.  On I recent trip to Ikea I was on a mission to secure myself some nice spice jars.  There were some stipulations however, they needed to have a screw on cap and have an opening for shakin’.  Well the pretty silver and frosted glass shakers had neither….so I came home with these. 

These are the IHARDIG spice jars.  They come in a four pack for $3.99 so why wouldn’t you?  I will admit they aren’t the fanciest spice jars in the bunch but I had just the DIY project up my sleeve to make them more appeasing to the eye.  The post title is a little misleading that we aren't making actual chalk board labels, but faux chalk board labels - much less mess!  What you need for the project are small 5/8" x 3 1/2" file labels, a black marker, and a white paint marker.  I started out with the sharpie version of the paint marker but quickly switched to the ZIG brand Painty marker from Target. 

First you color the entire file folder label black with a sharpie. 

Then after the marker dries use your paint marker to write in the spice name.  The sharpie paint marker absorbed too much of the black color so it came out grayish like this. 

The Painty marker from target did a better job of making the label bright white………like a chalk board!

Now for the Budget Breakdown:

9 4-packs of Ikea Spice Jars: $36.00
Black Sharpie Markers: $0.60 for three minis on sale
First Sharpie pant marker: $3.49
Second ZIG Panty Marker: $10.00 for two white one gray and one black
File folder labels: $3.39 – definitely better than the $15 - $20 they wanted for address labels!

Grand Total:  $53.49

Organized spice heaven? Priceless. 

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