Monday, November 14, 2011

Mission Pantry Reorganization

My pantry is aweful. Shameful. Embarassing.  In short, it's in dire need of ASAP.  The images below are disturbing so proceed with caution. This is my pantry:

And here is what you would call my “spice shelf”.  There is a lot of business going on in here, it is a wonder that I can find anything. At all.  So you see why it needs a little revamping, de-cluttering, and pretty-fying.  Also those white boards.....ya....they gots to go.

I started by emptying out everything and starting with a clean slate.  Ahhhh much better already!

Beyond this pantry in the kitchen we also utilize another pantry in the basement for stuff that we use once in a great while, or like the 10 extra tomato sauce cans we have.  Cabinet space in our kitchen is like prime real estate.  It’s always a matter of what NEEDS to stay and be here, and what we can let go.  Emptying everything out helped me make some good decisions about rearranging and utilizing my pantry to the best of it’s ability.  Check back for lots of DIY tutorials and crafty bidness as my pantry transforms!   

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