Monday, October 24, 2011

GE Cafe Stove is In Business

I am so excited that my journey to stainless steel appliances has started.  Remember when we bought our new stove here?  Well, it’s now installed.  Feast your eyes on the new GE Café line gas oven!

Ohh…so sparkly and shiny!  Hopefully we will be able to keep it that way.  Stainless is notorious for smudges but we have had pretty good luck so far.  I am in love with the double oven - yes this bad boy has not one by two ovens with separate temperatures.  Typically the bottom drawer is just a warming drawer, but on this model it has its own separate temperature gage.  I am also  head over heels for the 5 burners, including one long burner down the middle that is perfect for our flat griddle!

And those knobs! They look so industrial!  And what sweetens the deal is to think we saved $1,200 by getting the floor model.  I will admit that it has several minor scratches that we didn’t notice in the store, but everything works great and the price was well worth it!

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