Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cold as Steel

Stainless that is. Yes…we bought a new fridge!  Sooner than we expected, but with some unexpected cash flow we decided the next logical purchase should be a fridge…and boy am I glad it was!  This was the vision I was greeted with as I walked into the house the day the fridge was delivered.  As you notice it’s not in the nice little hole the fridge is supposed to be in.  Cue the wop wop wop sounds. 

Another little surprise was this tool that was sitting on the bar.  If you haven’t figured it out already a slight measuring miscalculation and a teeny slant of the floor made the physics of putting the fridge into the fridge hole (why yes that is a technical term)…well impossible.  Enter the handy dandy cutting saw.       

So the hubs did the logical thing and shaved a little bit off the top of the cabinet.  What the hubs did not calculate for was the teeny slant on the floor.  This slant made the fridge slant, which made the perfectly even cut look crooked.  Sorry, no pic of that…..there was a bit of chaos going down at that time. 

But alas all was not screwed up.  We just jacked one side of the fridge up slightly to make it look nice and even.  And now I don’t even notice….and I bet you can’t either!  All I see is beautiful stainless where an elderly white fridge once lived.    

I think it fits nicely in its new home.  We had a pretty difficult time finding a fridge that would fit because the fridge hole (yes I’m sticking with that) is slightly smaller than a standard fridge.  That means that none of the floor models would fit.  Not even close.  So we had to do a blind order out of the catalogue and hope it didn’t look like crap.  Luckily it is exactly what I always wanted!  I am excited for all the doors to finally be back on so I can see what it looks like without the chaos of open shelving distracting me!!!      

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