Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wine Themed Party: The Big Day

After showing how to make DIY cork place cards, chalk wine glasses (and beer mugs), hanging décor, wine bottle centerpieces, and how to make your own blind wine tasting……the reveal is finally here!  When our mother-in-law got to the party it looked a little something like this:

To the left I hauled the DIY kitchen island into the dining room to set up the blind wine tasting. 

The look was completed with some easy DIY wine themed signs popped into crisp white frames, as well as the blind wine tasting list.  The chalkboard paint glasses served as the drinking glasses for the night as well as a take home favor.     

To the right on the bar is where all the food was set up.  I used my DIY magnet chalkboard as the backdrop for the buffet.      

Written on the chalkboard was the guide to all the different foods that were served that night.  It was a great way to help guest navigate the buffet!        

On the menu were fancy finger foods like these prosciutto wrapped greens!  That way all the guests could snack on food that wasn’t too filling while enjoying the wine tasting.         

Other subtle wine theme touches included these cylinder vases filled with wine corks and a small candle.           

The table was set with plain brown napkins and accented with the guest’s place cards!             


  1. I was searching the internet for 'wine themed candles', and came across your blog. I'm so glad I did. Love your ideas for a Wine Themed Party....I will use many of them when I have my own (okay...all of them). Thanks Ann!

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  2. Sue - I am so glad you like the ideas!! Let me know how your festivities go - I'm sure you will rock it!


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