Friday, December 30, 2011

Wine Themed Party: Cork Placecard

To kick off the DIY series for the wine themed birthday my sister-in-law and I threw for our mother in law I thought I would begin with the simplest project with the best budget…!  We created wine themed place cards for all the dinner guests.  The materials needed for this project are wine corks, a utility blade or X-Acto knife, and some plain white cardstock.  First gather up your wine corks!  You will need as many wine corks as there are guests.  I put the word out to my sister-in-law to save her corks and I saved mine so they were free.  I found that it looks best to have varied brands of wine corks to create an eclectic look!        

Take your utility knife or X-Acto blade and cut a straight line down the cork.  Make sure it is deep enough and wide enough to slide your name card in.  When I had my utility knife all the way into the cork I would bend it from side to side to create a larger opening.  Also, it is important when deciding where to cut to make sure that some of the pattern or logo on the cork is showing and make sure you don’t cut the logo in half.          

When printing out the labels for the wine corks I made them slightly shorter than the cork itself.  It also needs to be long enough to hold the longest name.  I choose to right align all the names to create a cohesive look to the place cards.  This allowed my white space to be between the cork and the first letter of the name, rather than after the name.            

I choose a font that reflected the feel of the dinner party.  We were going for elegant and classic so I choose a fancier font than I did for the beer themed birthday.              

Wine cork place cards help give any tablescape a polished and elegant look.  And they are easy on the budget if you plan ahead!  Place cards help your guests feel at ease at dinner parties where everyone may not know each other, but in our case where everyone was family it added that special something that we usually don’t have at normal dinners!                

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