Thursday, November 3, 2011

Birthday Beer Tour Bonanza: Place Cards

I really didn’t need place cards for the party….there were only 8 of us....but they are sooo fun I couldn’t resist.  I started out by printing out cards with everyone’s name on them in colors that coordinated to the birthday cards with a orange-red boarder.  Then, just cut around the boarder and the names are good to go. 

Besides cardstock to print the name cards you need raffia ribbon, a hole punch, and some……

……awesome colored pop! I choose Jones Soda Pop because they just happened to have the colors I needed.  And besides, they have awesome pictures on the front, taken by real consumers!  Now, since this was a beer themed birthday I should have used beer instead, but some of the party goers were underage so this is a great alternative, and ohhh so colorful!

Punch a hole in the top or bottom of your name card, dependent on how you want your display to look.  I choose top.

Tie with raffia (or any other ribbon of your choice)……

And snip the edges for a completely customized place card/favor that won’t break the bank.  If you notice my names are upside-down.  Well I didn’t notice until they were all done.  Next time the bottom right corner will do the trick.  You live and learn right?   

Here is the budget breakdown:
·        Cardstock – free from my collection
·        Raffia – free from my collection
·        Jones Soda’s – $9.38

Total: $9.38 for 8!

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