Monday, November 7, 2011

Birthday Beer Tour Bonanza: Hanging Lanterns and Puff Balls

In the next phase of plannig my mother's Birthday Beer Tour Bonanza party (after the invitation/card and place cards were done) I wanted to create some hanging décor to go over the table.  I have creatively named this arrangement “Hanging Lanterns and Puff Balls”.  What I used to make the chandelier-esque arrangement was 4 Chinese lanterns, 1 package of red tissue and 1 package of yellow tissue.  Yes, I know there are yellow balloons in this picture but after some fidgeting around they looked terrible and I decided to go with the Martha Stewart type puff balls like the ones I made in this post. 

I anchored my arrangement with the biggest piece of décor: the Chinese lanterns.  I started out with five, but after several times arranging (and hitting my head on the fan) I decided on four.  This allowed me to create a more symmetrical look.    

Since I only had four colors to work with I decided to put two red and two yellow puff balls in the center, alternating colors.  Had there been more colors to work with the arrangement may have been larger.  It all depends on what it looks like when you start playing with it.  An FYI, an arrangement like this will significantly dim the light of your light fixture.  This can create great mood lighting paired with candles!    

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