Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wine Themed Party: Hanging Puff Balls

To add to the party décor I decided I needed to do something about my ceiling fan.  I wanted the ceiling to help set the mood for the party and create added interest to the party décor.  For this project you need:

  • 4 small dowels measured out to fit around your fan
  • String
  • Enough tissue paper for 16 hanging puff balls

First attach the dowels together at all four ends with string. 

Add two pieces of string along the width of the dowels.  Make sure they are evenly spaced. 

Now hang that baby up on your ceiling fan.  I will be honest with you, this was a challenge and involved several good bangs to the head before I got it right.  It’s also a challenge that the fan…idk…is meant to move.  You need to make sure that the fan is held steady so your whole decoration isn’t in bits on the floor.    

Next make a ton of hanging puff balls.  Well a little over 16 to be exact.  Don’t know how to make them?  See how I did it here and here.  I attached four puff balls along the width of the outside dowels and each of the strings.  I made several extra to fill in the empty spots and then I was done! My sister-in-law was kind enough to join me in my puff ball making sweatshop, how nice!  Anyhoo that’s how it’s done.  Ohh…what's that you say? You see the wine bottle centerpieces?  Those are next up on the wine themed birthday tutorials!     

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